A London Adventure...{part two}

How so very rude of me to keep you all waiting....
Now, where was I?

Right, I had just ditched my friend and was now riding the train solo into London with £1.45 to my name. I was sitting across from a family of four who were besides themselves, giggling over the silly American who had just 'lost her friend.' I looked up at them, shrugged my shoulders and tossed them a smile. What else was there to do?!

I got off the train at Vauxhall and waited on a bench at the train station for my friend. As soon as the next train approached, I flagged her down and, after seven minutes of apologizing I then broke the news to her that I had left my wallet and only had a couple of pounds to my name. We hoped on another train and brainstormed things to do.

Fifteen minutes later we found ourselves in front of the Natural History Museum and I found myself in heaven. There was so much to see, experience, touch, and watch and all for FREE. After a few hours of wandering around I finally laid eyes on my favorite animal....

I loved her. She was a full scale replica of an adult Blue Whale. I was quiet as I walked around her and took in every detail. It was by far one of the best things that I had ever seen in a museum.

After whalie (that's what I named her...how original) we were starving and walked into a small Italian cafe and my friend treated me to a diet coke and a pizza. We slowly ate are meal and chatted about the amazing museum and the beauty of it being free.

It was  lovely day and proved that much can be done on a tiny budget.


  1. Sounds lovely:) Have you been to the National Portrait Gallery yet? It is also free, and a great place to spend a day (or two) wandering around.
    Also a popular place for little old men to take naps, I noticed...but who can blame them; those leather benches are pretty comfy!

  2. LOL! I will have to make my way over there soon! There are soo many free museums in London it's a bit overwhelming...in a good way! Happy New Year friend!


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