To my lovely Oscar ladies...

Dear Ms. Berry,

You can do no wrong. You looked absolutely impeccable on that red carpet and quite honestly you put me to shame {seeing as how I was lounging on the couch in sweatpants and eating guacamole.} But alas, your dress caught my eye so much that I would wear down the aisle one day. You are simply stunning. 

To Ms. Williams, 

While some were not a fan of your look this year, I loved it and not just because we have the same haircut right now {well maybe that had a little to do with it....} but I thought you were understated and elegant. Bravo darling - You looked like pure elegance. 

And finally to Anne and James, 

Anne, I love how excited you were to be hosting. You are adorable and your whoops and hollers were endearing. Your costume changes were seamless and stunning and James, I thought you did OK. Sorry you didn't win but quite honestly I love Colin Firth so much more. {so sorry dear} And I was most excited about his win. He will always and forever be, to me, Mr. Darcy. 

And of course, I must acknowledge Natalie Portman on her Best Actress Award. You are lovely

What a wonderful night, watching all of Hollywood come together. There is nothing else like it. Cheers!

London Lisa


because it's Friday....

{photo via:Rockstar Diaries}

My feelings precisely. Enjoy your weekend friends!
London Lisa


Reasons to move to London {Post 001}

Just look at this lovely city.

{photo via:here}

Welcome to a new series on London Lisa. I've collected so many beautiful images of London that I wanted to share them all with you in my: Reasons to move to London series. Hope you enjoy - I will be posting pictures every Thursday so, if you come across any gorgeous pictures of London, something that reminds you of the UK, or is particularity British, feel free to email  me at LondonLisaBlog{@}gmail.com. I would be happy to share your findings here and credit your discoveries!

Enjoy your day friends. 
London Lisa


Trend spotting...blue and gold {London}

According to the Sartorialist this blue and gold combo is hitting all over London. This is totally exciting for me since I already posess a wide array of blues. The gold's I'll have to work on.

Who knows if this trend will still be 'in' by the time I get there but a girl can be prepared, no?


Living the Language

I love this video by EF Language schools on London. Sure, all of the text is in English, which just so happens to be my first language, but I think that makes the video so fun, for me, to watch.

{image via: here}

They also have other videos on Paris, Madrid, and Toyko. Click here to watch the video because apparently I don't know how to embed a video on blogger... {sigh}



 {image via:tumblr}

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I woke up this morning with many things on my heart and I couldn't help but be focused on my passions in life. As I've mentioned before one of my many passions is to create a magazine for Christian women, that discusses ALL issues.{I'm talking beauty, dating, sex, career, etc etc, in a open and honest way.} This passion of mine is driving me, now more than ever, and is a huge part of my move to London.

So, on this Monday morning, where we could be less than thrilled that our weekend is over, sluggish, tired, and down right grouchy - let's instead me filled and driven with our passions. Our lives are short and if we're not actively pursing our passions....then what are we doing?

So, tell me. What are your passions?
 London Lisa


because it's Friday....

I'm allowed to gush about Olivia Palermo. Weird? Maybe a little but have you seen her in the new Tibi Ads?  {Swoon} She's gorgeous and the clothes are amazing. I think I need all of these looks for my London wardrobe, no?

 {photos via: Tibi}

Stunning. Let's take the weekend to conjure up some looks with some amazing style. Work with what you have and make it YOU. With all of these lovely looks in mind, here's to a most fun and fashionable weekend. Cheers!
London Lisa


Exploring Essentials

I'm sure there will be many days in London, where I won't be bogged down with my studies, or working. I can't wait to get lost in the city...finding my perfect spots by happenstance, and stumbling across quaint bookstores, cafes and antique shops. Here are a few essentials, I'm sure that I will need while exploring.

{p.s. This is the first inspiration board I have ever done...so don't judge too harshly!} 

London Lisa


One Lump or Two?

So, in preparation for my impending move, I've taken to a few new traditions.

On good days, when my co-worker and I are not surrounded by papers and projects, we meet in the kitchen at 4 o'clock sharp for afternoon tea. We aren't in a fancy hotel or tea house {it's actually more like a tidy jail cell. My office walls are gray and not the new warm and inviting gray, more like a shade or two lighter than a cinder block, gray.} Nevertheless, we enjoy our tea in the tiny kitchenette and catch up on the latest office 'news'.   I prefer the classic English Breakfast tea, with one splenda, but am open to trying new kinds.

 {photo via:silhouettedreams}

A co-worker recently shared a bag of Republic of Tea's, Sip for the Cure Pink Rose and Green Tea and oh my goodness....it was a simple taste of heaven in a tea cup. The scent was enchanting and the taste was just as gentle and delicate as a freshly bloomed rose. As soon as I finished my cup I went searching for this perfection of a tea, only to find that it was a limited edition from 2007. {Sad face!} 

If any of you know of another pink rose tea, feel free to send me suggestions.  Enjoy your tea my dears! Bisou, Bisou!

London Lisa


Will I?

{photo via:here}

I'm in an a bit of a melancholy mood today. Not sad, per say, nor overjoyed. I'm consumed with thoughts of what my life will be like come September, when I'm all packed and living thousands of miles away from my friends and family. This is such a tremendous opportunity, one that I am so excited and grateful for, nevertheless I would be lying if I said that I wasn't a little scared.

I can't help but wonder if things will be as enchanting as I imagine...

Will I make new friends from all over and will we stay out late soaking in each others similarities and differences? Will I enjoy my classes? Will they awaken within me a renewed sense of passion? Will I feel inadequate as an American in Europe? Will I travel as much as I hope to, and walk the streets of Paris, Barcelona, and Rome? Will I meet cute boys who say that I'm 'lovely' and give me proper kisses? Will I fall in love? Will I stay longer than an year? Will I stay forever?

I have no answers to these questions. And for right now... that's ok.
London Lisa

snippets' of a lovely day...

I had perhaps one of the best Valentine's Day ever. There weren't over the top romantic gestures, dozens of roses or, even kisses. But there were surprises from dear friends, lots of hugs and well wishes, love and plenty of laughs. Here are a few snippets' from a truly lovely day....

Hope you had a love filled day. Bisou Bisou!

London Lisa


Happy Valentine's Day

Hello dear friends and Happy Valentine's Day. I am giddy with excitment over today and happy to share love with everyone. Hope you have the sweetest and warmest of days. And to quote my mother from our morning chat,

 {photo via:design*sponge}

"May the love of God warm your heart and encourage you today." ~Enjoy~

                                                                 London Lisa


because it's Friday....

take a little time for yourself.  Find some time to curl up and journal about all of the good things that are going on....

Enjoy a hot and steamy bath all to yourself. Use essential oils, bubble bath or simply soak in the steamy tub.

Get a little creative. Make some valentine's for dear friends and make an extra special one for yourself.  

{photos via: 1, 2, 3}
Have a lovely weekend. 

                                                                 London Lisa


London details

Ok - ready for some London updates?

First things first, I will be attending Kingston University which is about a twenty minute train ride from Central London. It's right on the River Thames so it should be lovely come spring and summer. {I love how I use the word 'lovely' all the time now.} I really loved the area while I was visiting this past Thanksgiving. Despite the fact that it was cold and a bit dreary, the streets were still lined with warm quaint homes, children bundled in coats and cute coffee shops and cafes. I'm hoping to fit right in.

On second thought, I think it would be more fun to stand out as the 'Exotic American'... {Is that an oxymoron?}

I'll be getting my Master's in Publishing which is something that I've always wanted to do. I've been a writer since birth...ok, since the age of eight, and ultimately, I would like to be the editor of a lifestyle magazine for Christian women.  I have been thinking of this idea since I was literally sixteen and now more than ever, may passion and vision is growing and being realized a little bit more each day. And, it's not that I don't like Glamour, or Elle or Cosmo, but I don't want to be constantly bombarded with sex tips and 'Ways to Make Him Moan,' articles. I want something a little deeper and I think a lot of other twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings would agree. {Well, while we're in our single years at least. Believe me when I get married I plan on making up for LOTS of lost time.}

But, back to London.

I have a lot of paperwork to sort through and make sense of but thankfully, I have found a most trusted resource in Across the Pond, which connects students from around the globe to Universities in the U.K. This organization is totally free and reputable, which I made sure of, and will assist a student along every step of the way from submitting your application, Visa paperwork, program selections, etc, until the day you arrive on campus. I have the best agent, and we have created a great working relationship.

I can't wait to give you all more details and updates about my big move. This is such an exciting albeit kinda scary, thing for me.  Pray for me, wish me luck and stay tuned!

                                                                 London Lisa


love and mums

{photo via:Net-a-Porter}

This little cutie got me thinking about Valentine's Day and Mother's Day. Totally luxurious, this letter bound notebook would be the perfect gift for either holiday. And yes, my 'mum' would love it.
                                                                 London Lisa


first outfit

So, I finally snapped a pic of myself in one of my 30 for 30 outfits. (Please excuse the background. I was at work and slipped into the ladies restroom to do an improtu photo shoot!)

Not sure why I look so 'lost' in this pic but I like it.

Basic black top from New York and Company, fun and colorful skirt from Filene's Basement, black tights, Nude snakeskin pump from Nine West, Scarf from my mom (which apparently I gave to her five years ago, but which she let me have on Sunday.)  Oh and the necklace - here's a story. I was at church one night and during our greeting time I said hello to this lady, gave her a hug and said, "I love your necklace." As church was closing she went to shake my hand, slipping the necklace into my hand and then walking away before I had realized what happened. Talk about a gift!

*p.s. this 30 for 30 is fun! More pics coming! 
                                                                 London Lisa

THE Makeup kit

This year for Christmas my older brother, James, really shocked me by getting me a few things that I love, including a small Coach wristlet and a makeup kit from Artistry. The only with the kit though was that in was in the wrong color. (sad face)

After waiting a little while, last week I finally got the right shade in the kit and oh my goodness it's so awesome! The makeup is light and gives me a totally natural and fresh face. Seriously ladies give it a try you will not be disappointed. Here's what comes in the kit:

{from left to right: pressed powder, concealer, mascara, powder brush, eye and cheek set, more brushes and a simple black bag to carry it all in.}

I am in love with this set, seriously. I'm even considering doing a video for you ladies showing how I use it...whatcha think?


Happy Monday

Hello dahlings...

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I spent the weekend dancing, twirling, baking, praising God at church and casually watching the SuperBowl on Sunday night with friends.

Excited for the week ahead! Lots to update you all on regarding London. I still cant believe I'm moving in SEVEN Months!! So much to do but it's so exciting. I'm so grateful for how everything has come together and I'm praying that it will continue to do so.

So, with all of that said, stay tuned lovies...lots of good things coming soon.

{photo via: trip to Paris over Thanksgiving 2010}


have a sweet weekend

Hey lovebirds, what are your big plans for the weekend? I have the weekend off, yay!, so tonight I am going salsa dancing with my girlfriends. muy caliente!
I have plans of going on long runs, making valetine's day gifts for friends and enjoying some superbowl festivities.
Before I dance off into the weekend, though I wanted to share these super cute things from Ban.do.

They really do have the cutest accessories and I would love these hearts to wear on Valentine's Day...all year really. Isn't the 'love' barrette adorable? Have a sweet weekend. 

p.s. I have not forgotten the 30 for 30 challenge. I will have plenty of pics up next week. ta-ta!

                                                                 London Lisa


The dress

For whatever reason I did not get my invitation to attend the Oscars this year... weird? (Ahem) However, if I had gotten my invite this is what I would have worn...

 {photo via: Versace}

You can never go wrong with Versace, no?


eeek...30 for 30 starts today

I wish I could say that I'm totally prepared for this 30 for 30 challenge...but I'm definitely not. Get ready for a few pics here and there to showcase what I'm wearing. And I'm not gonna lie. I'll probably only post the cuter outfits. Nothings worse than awkward self portraits of bad outfits.

{photo via: we heart it}

So, are you doing the 30 for 30 challenge...Are you ready?
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