Paris...Je t'aime

{photo via:That Kind of Woman}

I am yearning for all things French, right now. Between reading Julia Child's My Life in France, listening to my Berltiz French on the Go CD's and listening to Edith Piaf and now Les Chauds Lapins, {Thanks to Matchbook Mag, for the intro to new music!} I'm craving an escape to Paris. 

{le sigh} Hopefully while in London I'll be able to travel to Paris at least twice to wander the streets of the classiest city I know. {Minus the dog poo of course.} All, I need is a striped shirt, some over-sized sunnies, a fresh baguette avec une bonne bouteille vin. Parfait, no?!
London Lisa


The cherry blossoms are calling my name

Happy Hump Day everyone {I've always thought that sounded funny.} Anyway, I'm looking forward to the weekend with much anticipation as I'm headed to DC with girlfriends to enjoy the Cherry Blossom Festival. This has been a long time coming. Two years ago I went up for the fesitval a little late in the season and the cherry blossoms were gone and it was cold and rainy. But! this year the cherry blossoms are in full bloom and I'm hoping that the weather holds out and it's warm.

 {photo via:Rockstar Diaries}

So, besides enjoying the cherry blossoms, I'm looking for something new to do. A restaurant I've never eaten at, a vintage store I've never shopped in, or a Historic site I have yet to visit. So, dear friends, send me your suggestions of "must do" D.C. and I will do my best to try them all. Thanks in advance! Bisou, Bisou.
London Lisa


Stocked Closet

It's really hard keeping secrets, but yesterday was a great day and I can't wait to show you all the proof of it. Just stay tuned...

In other news, I'm busy applying for scholarships for London, because let me tell you, moving across the pond is NOT cheap. But, I've been saving and trying my very best to stay on a tight budget...{I haven't been shopping in 4 count them 1, 2, 3, 4! months. Sigh.}

{photo via:apartmenttherapy}

But all is not lost. I have very specific goals that I want to meet before I start shopping away. I think it really boils down to the fact that I feel that I have nothing to wear on a daily basis. I need to take a total inventory of my closet and see what's working and what's not.

So, tell me ladies...what do you have in your closet that you just can't live without??
London Lisa

Casual Monday

Hello dear friends, and happy Monday. I have lots of running around to do today going to various doctor's appointments and such. Wanting to recreate a similar look for my errand running and hoping to look as chic as possible a la Karla

{photo via:karlascloset}
Tres chic, no? 
London Lisa


Reasons to move to London {Post 005}

 {photo via:CitizenMichelle}

Because everyone loves a Royal Family.....

London Lisa


Early Morning Peace...

I awoke early - 5 a.m.  The alarm buzzed across the room and I willed myself out of bed. Up, I turned on the shower eager to have the warm water wash over me and give me the gentle nudge that I needed into alertness.

I got dressed and ready for work in record time, and then lagged around not really knowing what to do next. This was a far cry from typical mornings when I rush through a ragged routine to get to work on time.

As I made my lunch in the darkness I stopped for a moment noticing just how quite the world seemed and I walked outside into the cool air. I collected my things and navigated my car through streets, my headlights creating pathways of light. I was quiet and calm.

As I pulled into the lot, tears gently filled my eyes. I wasn't alone - the parking lot was filled and we were all here for one reason.

Worship and Prayer.

Raising quietly while much of the world is still asleep to revel in the quite and gentle spirit and presence of God is unlike anything and this morning I am peaceful.

London Lisa


Pink Goodness

{photos via:etsy}

Is it just me, or does a simple pink box make you crave a delicious baked treat? I could especially go for a red velvet cupcake right about now...although those cookies are looking pretty good right about now too...


Monday Jobs

Happy Monday dear friends.

It's raining here in Virginia, and all I really want to do is lay on the couch and cuddle with my google reader. {I have lots of catching up to do.}

But alas, reading and vegging out does not pay the bills, nor does it pay for plane tickets, movies, books, and the more than occasional cup of Starbucks.

So on this Monday morning, raise your cup of coffee and toast with me. Here's to "jobs that pay the rent" and dinners out, manicures, trips to the salon, groceries, gym memberships, magazine subscriptions, charitable donations, flowers, gifts.....
London Lisa


Reasons to move to London {Post 004}

 {photo via:Flickr}

"There is no finer county in England than Derbyshire." - Jane Austen

Derbyshire - can it get any more beautiful and lush then this?  I must admit that while I do consider myself more of a 'city girl', I would love to go out to the country, hole myself up in a tiny cottage and get some serious R&R by reading book after book and drinking tea by a warm and cozy fire. I am truly looking forward to exploring not only London but all of the UK; especially it's breathtaking countryside. Cheers!
London Lisa


Baby you have style...

{photo via:Pinterest}

"When they measure themselves by themselves and compare themselves with themselves, they are not wise." - 2 Corinthians 10:12 … And according to Mr. Lagerfeld they are void of personality as well.

The other day, I was reading one of my favorite style blog’s when the blogger did a video of her favorite shoes. {Great, I thought. I love shoes!} So, I’m innocently watching the video when all of a sudden she opens up her shoe closet and on my word, it looked like Neiman Marcus in there!  She showed pair after pair after pair of her fave Christian Louboutin’s.

I quickly calculated in my head how many pairs of Louboutin’s I had…{umm, 0!} and then headed to ebay. Forty minutes! later I was still searching for a pair of moderately priced ‘red soles.’ Turns out….they don’t exist.

Why I compared myself with this blogger is still a reason I can’t understand. I think we all {and I’m saying all so I’m not completely by myself on this one} like to feel like we can keep up, shop more, shop better, have more, and be better than everybody else. Comparing ourselves with others will quickly land us into topsy-turvy land where we’ll will always be “Number 2”. Not only that but it’s such a toxic mindset to be in. It completely shifts our focus and can make a perfectly innocent and positive thought and/or ambition into a self absorbed mess. 

Whether your rocking your Louboutin’s or Nine West or Payless, wear what you wear for you. Fully enjoy being 110% you, because trust me love, aint nobody like you!

London Lisa 


London Looks

 {photo via:that kind of woman}

I aspire to look a little something like this whilst in London. I think it's quite fitting, no? {That hat is Amazing...}

London Lisa


lovely packaging

Ok - after downing a Grande Cafe Misto from Starbucks this afternoon, I'm feeling much more alert and inspired. {yay!} And it's a good thing too. Had I stayed in my sleepy fog, I would have missed this lovely packaging on Hello, Friend.

{photo via: Hello, Friend}

Seriously swooning. And here are a few of the essentials that she uses while putting these lovely packages together.

{photo via:Hello, Friend
I headed over to her etsy shop and there were several little gems that had my name all over them, and all for reasonable pricing! {$7-$30} 
{By the way, you will never find me on this blog recommending things that are outrageously expensive. I just don't have that kind of money, I'm about to be a poor graduate student for goodness sakes!}

I can't wait to pick up a thing or two from her Etsy shop. Their just too good to pass up.  
London Lisa
Good morning dear friends. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Pour moi? My weekend was filled with  work, work, work and church. I did manage to get in a two hour nap yesterday but my dears, I am
d-r-a-g-g-i-n-g this morning...
 {photo via:toasttravels}

I see two or three espressos or lattes in my immediate future....


Well wishes...

{Photo via: flickr}

I'm sure we have all heard the terrible news of the earthquake and Tsunami that hit Japan, while many of us in the U.S. were sleeping, just dozing off or out and about.

Events like these force me to stop and realize just how blessed how I truly am. My most sincere thoughts and prayers are with the people of Japan today, and also to those on the West Coast who are expereiencing tsunami warnings as well.

It's all very heartbreaking, but please remember that God is always in control. Big hugs everyone.
London Lisa


Reasons to Move to London {Post 003}

{Special thank you to Courtney for sending me a few photos of London. Thanks lady!}

I remember the first time I went to London and visited Buckingham Palace. {The Queen was in, as I'm sure she was awaiting our date for high tea.}

Standing outside in the cold air with my face pressed against the steel fence, I tried to catch a glimpse of the soldiers in their royal uniforms as they participated in the Changing of the Guards ceremony. This was a highlight of my first time in UK and my heart swelled with pride as for a moment I felt as if they were personally protecting me and that I was in fact a true Brit.

Four years later, I am looking forward to going back to The Palace and witnessing this beauty of a tradition.  I'll be sure to give The Queen, Wills and Kate my love.


{p.s. If you would like to submit photos of London and/or The UK, please feel free to email them to me. I would love to hear from you and would be happy to link back to your blog.}
London Lisa


Becoming a princess over coffee

The other night, I grabbed a cup of Starbucks with one of my guy friends. There were a few things that I had going on and I needed a males point of view. I texted him to see if he was free and he responded with a  "Yes ma'am" and we made plans for 6p.m.

While driving over to meet him, I suddenly became a little nervous. This was the first time that we had hung out one on one...What would I say and what were my issues again?

But as we started talking all of my nerves quickly fell away and what ended up happening was pretty amazing.

To have a man look me in my eyes  and tell me that he understands my struggles - that he will be my friend - that he will treat me with the utmost respect - that he won't cross any boundaries with me and that he intends to treat me like God's daughter and the princess that I was mind blowing.

 {photo via:pinterest}

He looked across the table in the crowded Starbucks and asked me,

"So, how do you feel?"

I looked him in his eyes, smiled and said,

"I've always wanted a friend like you."


Bananas never looked so chic

{photo via:trendcrew}
I love her. {And that banana skirt is delish.}


Here's to a lovely Monday...

It is Monday dear friends...how are you feeling? I had a most pleasant weekend which included driving 45 minutes to Williamburg for some legendary barbecue. It was delish. {And totally worth the trip.}

{photo via:agadabout}

Today seems like the kinda day where I desire to get super organized and create a lovely little space on my desk, at work and home, to inspire greatness.
Hope you all have a lovely Monday.
London Lisa


From the heart...

So, I had an epiphany of sorts last night in the shower. I was singing at the top of my lungs and literally jumping around with water and soap splashing everywhere {Which I do not recommend} to The City Harmonic Manifesto. {If you have never heard of this song, please check it out immediately!}

This song is exhilarating and I just realized how awesome it is being a Christian. I mean sure, there are days when the last thing I feel is 'holy', there are things that I wish I didn't have conviction about, but I do. But, the Faith, encouragement and strength that comes with my salvation far out weighs anything that I have decided to 'give up.'

It's empowering.
I realize that everyone who reads this blog may not be a Christian and please don't feel for one minute that I am forcing my Faith onto you at all. It's just that today, when I was feeling a little bummed about a few things, I just prayed. And not that everything turned up roses and suddenly there were bunnies and rainbows everywhere, but I just felt so encouraged. I realized that I am LOVED so deeply and now I can't hold in the joy and excitement that I am feeling today. So, here's to feeling awesome and loved today by the One who loves us the most.
London Lisa


Reasons to move to London {Post 002}

How could I not find this appealing?! I wish I could participate in this Tweed Run but alas it's in April. I love the idea of getting dressed up and going for a ride. I imagine dapper looking men and classy ladies enjoying taking a turn around the city. How lovely!

London Lisa


cheeky luggage tag

{photo via: pinterest}

I think I need this cutie when transporting my bags to London. Love it.

what I'm reading

Interesting how an impending move to England has engaged my desires to re-learn French. On a recent trip to Barnes and Noble I came across three things that I just had to have and that will hopefully have me speaking some French sooner rather than later. And all of which were Bargain Price..{yay!}

-Rush Hour French {$6.95} These cd's have been surprisingly fun. Most mornings on my way to work, you can find me singing along and speaking basic French possible. I enjoy..."les couleurs de ma vie."

-Petite Anglaise {$4.95} which I haven't started reading but its about a blogger {ahem} who is from London {well almost} who moves to France, and creates this life online that starts to impede into her real life...anyway, it looks like a great read.

-My Life in France {$4.95} Julia Child's memoir has been such an amazing read. I truly feel as if I'm taking a peak into her life living in Paris and Marseillaise. I cannot wait to visit places where she has been and try a hand at a few of her recipes.

Very much looking forward to reading more books and hopefully improving my French. Until next time.. Au Revoir!
London Lisa
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