How the Royal Wedding Improved my Posture

Somehow today, I find myself sitting up a little straighter, walking a little more gracefully and easing into the general elusive and intriguing manner that comes with being a lady. And, the reasoning is rather simple.

The pomp and circumstance of this morning’s Royal Wedding is to be honored, whether British or not. Highlighting the sacred tradition of the bringing together of a male and female, the two most unique creatures on Earth, and witnessing revered vows is a benevolent ritual that renews hope, encourages optimism and causes self-reflection.  It is to be cherished and honored whether a couple is royal or otherwise.

And as a single woman of twenty-six, I can most certainly maintain my hopes of a joyful marriage to the One who orchestrates each sunset, sunrise and moment of time in the Universe. 

Why yes, dear friends I am standing taller today in honor of weddings and more importantly marriages all around the world. 

 {photo via: here}
London Lisa


Simple + Sophisticated

I am in love with everything about this photo and perfection of an outfit. Clean simplistic lines, impeccable tailoring and a vibrant shoe.

Lovely. Simple. Sophisticated.

Trousers, like these, would last a lifetime.

{photo and collection via: Katie Ermilio}
London Lisa


Currently working on...

- A novel
- Two freelance pieces
- Writer interviews
- Magazine interviews
- Research on publication start up
- Blog
- Scholarship applications
- Regular 9-5

Feeling slightly overwhelmed this week and it's Tuesday. {yikes} Anyone else ever have a week where they felt sooo behind? {Please someone tell me it's not just me!}

Hoping to get a organized schedule this week so that I can properly plan out all of my to-do's. And I don't want to just manage to get it all done. In the words of Maya Angelou, "Surviving is important. Thriving is elegant."
Wish me Bonne Chance dear friends!

{photo via: flickr}
London Lisa


Friday + Goodness

"But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed." - Isaiah 53:5
He loved me. He loved you. He loves us all.

This is the best Friday of my life. 

{Photo via: here
London Lisa


Starbucks + Gold

Yesterday was a big day for me.
I officially reached Gold level at Starbucks.
My official personalized card comes in the mail in a few weeks.
Sure, some may think it's totally silly and a waste.
But for me, it's just awesome.

{photo via: hyku}
London Lisa

P.S. In honor of Earth Day, bring your own reusable mug to any participating Starbucks and receive a free cup of coffee.

*This post was not sponsored by Starbucks. I'm just really a junkie.


Shopping + Mum's

The weekend was spent insanely walking through torrential downpours at an outdoor outlet mall with my mum. It was bananas and I loved it. We were soaked yet still laughing while our cheap red umbrella turned inside out three times while trying to cross. And each time the wind carried our tepid covering we let out a louder squeal than the time before. People were amused I'm sure, but no one was having more fun than the two of us.
London Lisa


Have a sassy weekend

elegant dining in warm weather

elegant dining in warm weather by Lisa Vanterpool featuring a clutch wallet

Happy Friday dear friends. I am going away to Williamsburg this weekend with my parents. We all need to rest and recharge our batteries considering everything that's been going on. {Deep breath in - Deep breath out} I'm looking forward to unplugging, catching up on my reading, shopping and some quality time with my parents. But, before I unplug, I'm heading out this evening to help a girlfriend celebrate her birthday! Wanting to channel a look like this. Keep it sassy ladies and have a great weekend! 
London Lisa


Reasons to move to London {Post 007}

I want this look. Lucy Laucht, I'm loving it. {And she's from England!}

{p.s. loving her red nails! RNM}
London Lisa


Creativity + Encouragement

This needs to be posted on my inspiration board ASAP.  

{Via: That Kind of Woman}
London Lisa


Paris + Desserts

"I see pastries everywhere..."

This delicious and sweet film by Susan Hochbaum makes me crave something rich and indulgent. Ah Paris. Soon, I will only be a mere two hours away from your dulce goodness.

{photo via: here}
London Lisa

warm weather + the cold Atlantic

Yesterday's walk on the beach, proved to be just what I needed. Enjoying the warm weather and dipping my feet into the cold Atlantic Ocean was refreshing. As I was walking along the beach, I heard a father speaking french to his daughter and it almost seemed as if I was strolling along the beaches in France. {And can I just take a moment to say that 1. Bilingual children are the cutest, and 2. I want one.} 
Afterwards, I walked to the grocery store, stocked up on some fresh fruit and made my home, enjoying the final sunset of the day. All in all, it was a lovely evening. 
London Lisa


Warm, sunny and lovely

The high today in Virginia is 80 degrees, {Eighty!}  While I am inside for most of the day, I will not be deterred from enjoying this beautiful day. For lunch, I'm heading outside and grabbing a Venti passion tea from Starbucks and soaking in all of the Vitamin D I can while catching up on my latest read

After I happily skip out of the office at 5:30 p.m, I plan on picking up a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers for my bedroom, and then head home, to throw on a maxi dress and walk the one block from my house to the beach and enjoy the sand between my toes as  I write, read and enjoy the extended day light. I'm looking forward to a most sunny and beautiful day. I hope the weather is nice where you are friends!

{photos via: pinterest and That Kind of Woman}
London Lisa

Taste and See

Happy Monday dear friends. I hope you all enjoyed the weekend. Mine was quite bittersweet as a dear family member passed over the weekend. It's so hard when you lose someone and it makes me want to cherish each and every moment that I have with my family.  Often times I get, "too busy" and want more "me time," which I do think is important, but believe me, when it comes down to it, I will cherish the time I spent talking, laughing and learning from those close to me, than lounging around on the couch. So now, with my morning coffee in hand I am remembering that the Lord is awesome, all the time.

So, with that said, I am looking forward to having a good week, and I have lots of things to share with you all; London updates, writing updates, and so much more. Can't wait! Have a great week everyone.

{photo via: HomeSpunThreads}
London Lisa


Not setting your alarm is not so good...

Can I just tell you all how hard it was to get out of bed this morning? I stayed up late watching Liar Liar {total throw back, but Jim Carey is seriously hilarious,} and instead of setting my alarm like I normally do, I just fell asleep convincing myself that I would just 'know' when it was time to wake up. Really, Lisa? So, my night went something like this...

"Four a.m. Ok, I have about 3 hours left." 
"Five a.m. Ok, two more hours."
"Seven a.m. Oh man, it's over already? Ok, I'll just lay here a few more minutes."
"7:30 a.m.! OMG, I have to leave in thirty minutes!"

I do not recommend this 'strategy' to anyone because let's be honest, it's ridiculous.

{Photo via:apartmenttherapy}
London Lisa


Reasons to move to London {Post 006}

No matter how many celebrities get married here in the states, we will never have a Royal Family.

{Photo via:NYDailyNews}
London Lisa


Celebrate RNM

So I'm officially {unofficially} claiming that April is Red Nails Month or RNM, as some would call it. I don't know what it is, but lately, I have been drawn to red finger nails like a fashion lover drawn to Vogue. They are so classy and distinguished and give you that perfect POP! of color.

Right now I am wearing Fire by Chanel {the bright one on the end!} and I love how ladylike, vibrant and sassy it is. And, I'm convinced that I get more work done at work when my nails are painted as I can't stop staring at my fingers flying across a keyboard.
Fantastic, no?

{Photo via:Pinterest}
London Lisa


Hand over the keys...

So, I officially have an apartment flat reserved for London! {Yay!}

Here are the details:
I will be staying in a Graduate only "dorm," and I use that term loosely, about 10 minutes from my campus. I will have my own bedroom {with a full sized bed, yes} and bathroom {praises!} and will share the common areas, kitchen and living room.
You guys, I cannot tell you how excited I am. With all of the waiting that is going on with Visa's and financial aid, I feel this is finally a step in the right direction and a step forward.

So, now onto important things...how to decorate.

{photo via:pinterest}

The space will be small and I really want to do make sure that it's my space, comfortable, warm and lovely. I want it to be a place where I can see myself, studying, working, lounging around listening to jazz and watching movies on my laptop.  I'm loving the headboard in this room as it makes such a statement in the room and yet the black and white rug balances and grounds the whole room. {I also really love the wall of curtains.} I'm really going to have to be cognizant about the rules of hanging things so I think the biggest statement will come from my bedding and area rug. So tell me loves, what do you think?
London Lisa


What a weekend!

Happy Monday dear friends. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. I headed to the Cherry Blossom Festival with friends and oh my goodness, I have never seen anything like it. The soft pink and white blooms seemed magical and most everyone seemed to be in a good mood.

 {photo via:pinterest}

.... Most Everyone. The flip side was that, we were hearded into the Metro, and had to deal with several parents who were more than annoyed that they had their kids with them on such crowded public transportation. But then again, I'm not sure what they expected?  The weather was a bit iffy over the weekend too. It was pretty rainy and cold on Saturday and at one point it even started hailing. I was walking along with two of my friends, when they said, "Hey it's hailing!" I wasn't convinced as I thought it was just the buds from the Cherry Blossoms. And then wham! two seconds later I'm all, "It's HAILING! RUN FOR COVER!!"

At some points our weekend seemed like a comedy of errors, and I was definitely tired when I got home. Nevertheless, I enjoyed my visit and would like to do it again soon. Next time though, I think I'll pack a picnic lunch to enjoy on the mall and have a clear plan as to what we would like to see and do.  So, here's to planning more trips in the future.

London Lisa



 {photo via:pinterest}

To Matt and Sade.

We've traipsed around England and Paris together; sitting in coffee shops retelling stories and laughing until tears streamed from our eyes. I'm sure people have looked at us with peculiar eyes and wandered how we 'fit.' We are different, no doubt, but it's within the walls of these differences that bind our friendship.
We've sat in churches together, stricken with grief and cried; deep, heart wrenching tears of loss but somehow each of us was comforted by the others presence.

When I am around you two, the titles and demands of every day wither away within the first few words of our conversation. I am simply Lisa and time becomes elastic - stretching and reshaping into whatever our wanderlusting hearts desire.

When I am with the two of you, I am content.
London Lisa
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