I went for a run this morning. My muscles were sore from not being stretched.
The weather was warm and yellow daffodils cheered me on.

I took a break, stretched my legs and found a small patch of baby flowers.
I picked one.

'This is my love,' I said as I admired the simple flower.
It was vibrant, happy and somehow full of hope.

I smiled and tossed it gently in the wind not seeing where it landed.


what's best

It's taken me a long time to understand the concept of, 'Do what's best for you.'
Whenever making decisions I inevitably felt the pressures of what was expected of me, what others would think and not what was in my best interest.

Today is different.

Instead of going on another work placement I realized that I needed a break. My body was breaking down, a cold yet again, I was tired, irritable and drained. I just couldn't handle facing another day of run around errands, endless internet searches and the hustle of commuting in and out of London.

And so, I didn't.

I made the proper contacts with the office to let them know that I wouldn't be able to make it. And then, I let it go. I allowed my self to rest. I cleaned and organized my flat a bit, I took a long walk and I ended up here at Starbucks, working on various projects. Passion projects that I now have the time to really focus on.  I cannot tell you how good it feels friends.

I'm finally learning to listen to my body, mind and spirit. When things start feeling out of whack, it's because they probably are. What a simple and powerful truth.
{instagram: my other office - Starbucks}


restored hope...

Reading this today gave me a simple hope of what is to come.
Happy Spring friends.


Chillies and Faith

So there's this Indian restaurant that a friend of mine discovered. It's literally a block from my flat and on Sunday's everything is 50% off...EVERYTHING.

The first time we went there we literally had a table full of food and ate until our little tummy's weren't so little anymore. And all for a few pounds each. So Sunday's is our official feast day.

Yesterday we ate and talked about travels, current events, baseball (him not me) food and religion. It  was refreshing to talk about my faith since I've been wrestling with it for a few weeks. And even though we didn't have the same faith, it still felt good to lay it all out on the table, no holding back just honesty.

And while I don't have all of the answers, I'm not sure if I ever will, I enjoyed every single bite, every word that was spoken and the lovely company.


Catch up 2

Within the past month I have also:

Cried... a lot
Felt desperately lonely
Obsessed over my weight
Hated everything in my wardrobe
Stayed in bed till inappropriate hours of the day
Commuted in and out of London
Read and read and read
Had serious doubts about my faith
Had serious doubts about my future
Hated myself for being unhappy

In life you take the good with the bad. And while amazing things have happened this month, some not so great things have happened as well. And in the interest of full disclosure I wanted to share it with you. Not to bring you down, but because I don't want my blog to be an unauthentic place. This is my life. Some days are good, some days are not so good.

But tomorrow is a new day. And I intend to live it fully.


Catch up

Within the past month I have:

Finished my work placement at a literary agency
Spent a few days interning at GQ
Laughed a lot
Booked a trip to Morocco
Booked a trip to Paris
Spent quiet nights at home
And loud nights with friends
Gone on bad dates
Laughed and whined about them with friends
Applied for internships
Wrote papers for Uni
Had dreams of my mother and
Quietly been in awe of my life....

Amazing things happen.


Have a sweet weekend...

Happy Friday dear friends!

How was your week? Mine has had many ups, a few downs and some magical moments. The first week of my internship is over-whew that flew by. Overall I feel like the week went well. Sure I made a few mistakes, opened the wrong mail and called the wrong person the wrong name twice. (ugh!) But, I also was given a project of my own, asked to sit in on an author meeting, told that I was doing better than most, and had some laughs over a few pints with some colleagues.  And then on the way home is started snowing. It was cold but snowflakes falling on my eyelashes put a sweet smile on my face.

This weekend my plans include sleeping in and making valentines for friends. I feel like lounging around in pj's and cutting out hearts in paper lace doilies. I love Valentine's Day whether I'm single or attached. And this year, my valentine is London.

Enjoy your weekend!
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