Happy Monday

Happy Monday lovebirds. I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I spent my Saturday with an early morning run, and then a yummy breakfast. (I pretty much like in any carb-y thing like pancakes or waffles with a ton of fruit on it.)

A little of this was, of course, necessary....

Followed by snacking and then I was off to work. We had a big wedding this weekend and the decor was gorgeous...

Aaah, one of the perks of working in the wedding industry. Lots of beautiful things to look at, happy newlyweds, and from time to time, free and gorgeous flowers.

 Hope your weekend was lovely.


because it's Friday...

it's totally acceptable to have cupcakes for breakfast, an extra cappuccino and buy yourself flowers. Have a lovely weekend!

do you 30 for 30?

So before moving, I want to look like my most fabulous self. {You can't blame a lady for wanting to look lovely} So, I've set some very specific goals that include, getting to be my fittest self, learning how to accessorize an outfit like nobodies business and saving some serious dough.

So, while I have been running and doing yoga about 3 or 4 times I day, I still needed something to improve my sartorial eye.

Enter Kendi Everyday's 30 for 30 Winter Edition Challenge. The concept is easy. Take 30 pieces of clothing, shoes included! and remix them for 30 days. Accessories don't count so you can switch the earrings, necklaces, scarves, tights etc, all day long.

I'm kinda nervous about the challenge but it will definitely help me to save and work with what I have, so I'm all in. I'll be starting February 1, so stay tuned for pictures and updates. If you would like to join the challenge you have until January 28th to add your name to Kendi's list.

Happy remixing!


cover me

So, when I went to Haiti last July, my passport went through some stuff- it got wet, bent, torn and pretty close to being destroyed. So, now that I'm moving and will be toting my passport around with me from place to place, I want it to look pretty.


I've had my eye on this Kate Spade Knightsbridge Passport Holder for a while and now it's even on sale... but I'm still having a hard time parting with $59 for the holder. But, I mean it's Kate Spade! So, what do you think? Splurge for the Kate Spade, or doing something a little more budget friendly?


i love breakfast

I wish I could have a breakfast like this every morning, but between getting my quiet time in, running or yoga, or simply sleeping in, it doesn't happen. 

I normally eat breakfast at my desk at work. Is that lame? Mmm, I don't think so. But, it would be nice to be able to sit down and eat a lovely and healthy! breakfast like this during the week.  

Hopefully, we can all make time to sit down, just once this week, and enjoy a lovely breakfast.

{photo credit:me}

                                                                 London Lisa


something like this

So maybe when I move to London, I'll have a fabulous flat and maybe it will look a little something like this....


I can imagine sitting at this desk, writing papers, checking emails and working on my future magazine.
{Oh, you didn't know about that? Hmm, I'm sure I will give you details on that soon.}

Do you think I can afford all of this on a graduate students budget? A girl can always dream...
                                                                 London Lisa


who is london lisa...

well, london lisa is really a lot of different things. Perahps the most important thing to know about her is that she is still evlovling, still growing, still turning into the woman that she wants to be.

{ok, I can't talk in third person for an entire post.}

So, obviously I'm london lisa. No, I am not British but I am moving to London, England in a mere eight months (yay!) This is the biggest move I have ever made considering I have only moved once in my life and that was literally one mile down the road.

I got my undergraduate degree from a local university and then landed a job in event planning
After working for an association management company for three years, and complaining about if for a good year and a half, I decided to take the leap and apply to graduate school, in London. Over a short one week vacation to visit friends, I applied to schools, interviewed with them and right before Christmas got the exciting news that I had been accepted.

This entire process has been a total whirlwind. Simply put, I know that none of this would have come together in the seamless way that it has if it had not been for God. This beautiful symphony that surrounds me every day is wonderfully overwhelming and I am ready for this new adventure.
                                                                 London Lisa

love and such

feeling the love today. lunch with girlfriends, smiles and lots of laughter has be all warm and cozy on the inside. looking forward to Valentine's Day. and, not corny teddy bears, or boxes of chocolates. but nice romantic gestures, cards from loved ones, and basking in the joy that there is plenty of love to go around.

                                                                 London Lisa


I am really loving these pillows from My Bearded Pigeon. I would love to get them for my home. I could totally transport these babies with me, but I'm trying to buy LESS so that detaching myself from things will be less painful when it comes down to my two lonely suit cases that I get to take with me.

Le sigh. Maybe once I'm settled in over there....

{photo via: My Bearded Pigeon}
                                                            London Lisa

ready for spring

It is freezing in Virginia right now but all I can think about is warm weather and spending my last summer at the beach.

This is exactly how I want to look this spring and summer. Effortlessly cool and chic. I'm even willing to try that matte orange-ish red-ish lip....

Loving this look from head to perfectly placed toe. This light pink {honeysuckle?} color is totally wooing me.

London Lisa


under construction...

So, I am working on getting this blog up and running this weekend. Check back on Monday. It will be all pretty and fun, promise!
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