who is london lisa...

well, london lisa is really a lot of different things. Perahps the most important thing to know about her is that she is still evlovling, still growing, still turning into the woman that she wants to be.

{ok, I can't talk in third person for an entire post.}

So, obviously I'm london lisa. No, I am not British but I am moving to London, England in a mere eight months (yay!) This is the biggest move I have ever made considering I have only moved once in my life and that was literally one mile down the road.

I got my undergraduate degree from a local university and then landed a job in event planning
After working for an association management company for three years, and complaining about if for a good year and a half, I decided to take the leap and apply to graduate school, in London. Over a short one week vacation to visit friends, I applied to schools, interviewed with them and right before Christmas got the exciting news that I had been accepted.

This entire process has been a total whirlwind. Simply put, I know that none of this would have come together in the seamless way that it has if it had not been for God. This beautiful symphony that surrounds me every day is wonderfully overwhelming and I am ready for this new adventure.
                                                                 London Lisa


  1. Good luck on your journey... i'll keep an eye out for your posts. may the force be with you

  2. How exciting to be moving to London! It is such a beautiful city.

  3. Congratulations! I guess I missed the big announcement.


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