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So, when I went to Haiti last July, my passport went through some stuff- it got wet, bent, torn and pretty close to being destroyed. So, now that I'm moving and will be toting my passport around with me from place to place, I want it to look pretty.


I've had my eye on this Kate Spade Knightsbridge Passport Holder for a while and now it's even on sale... but I'm still having a hard time parting with $59 for the holder. But, I mean it's Kate Spade! So, what do you think? Splurge for the Kate Spade, or doing something a little more budget friendly?


  1. When I read the first few lines of your post, I was totally going to recommend a Kate Spade passport holder, but I kept reading and voila, you were there already! Great minds think alike :) And yes, its totally worth the splurge. You'll be taking lots of weekend trips when you're in London, so your passport will need to feel well dressed :)

  2. Allison! I read your blog all the time, so glad you found mine! I think I just might have to splurge on the passport holder... I want it to look cute when I'm flashing it to go to Paris for the weekend!

  3. It is quite pretty and posh...like YOU!!


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