Visa's and such...

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Last week was filled with travels, new adventures, a bit of anxiety and a renewing of my love for New York. But the most important thing that happened was...
I got my Visa.
And I am moving to London in 33 days (not that I'm counting or anything.)
And despite the fact that there is rioting going on right, I am still excited and full of hope for my future.
Isn't that passport cover lovely?


  1. Yay! The move is so close! And I'm willing to bet that if you go over there, those rioting hooligans will be whipped into shape real quick. But let's hope that the mess is over with well before you arrive there.

  2. That's so exciting! My family just moved back from London. It's such a fabulous place to live. They already miss it terribly.

    Hope you have a wonderful day, Love. Best of luck to you!
    That Girl in Pearls


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