Hello dear friends!

Have you heard of Kinfolk Magazine? It hasn't officially launched yet, but come July 15th, this Friday, it will be up and running. It's a "A guide for small gatherings." Please check it out. It's such a lovely project. So much so, that I am brainstorming ways to do a piece for them. Considering I have a book club meeting coming this Sunday I'm thinking it would be a prime opportunity. Thankfully my roommate and good friend has the menu set. She's going for a Mexican theme and serving dishes like:

shrimp and avocado salad

and, sangria of course.

(Images via 1, 2}

So my job will be to make the house look beautiful. {Fresh flowers and white serving dishes always do the trick for me.} And then I'll be buzzing around her  and the apartment trying to get some good photographs. Wish me luck friends.

We're reviewing Quitter by Jon Acuff. Have you heard of him? Let me tell you...

1. He is hilarious and 2. This book is worth picking up.

If you, like me, have ever felt a little lost on what you were really passionate about, what you really wanted to do, and how you wanted to get there, then read Quitter. Seriously. Half, ok the entire reason I am up right now at 6:36 a.m. righting this post is because I am putting, 'Death to the Discussion.' You know how it goes if you're trying to pursue something and you have the back and forth conversation with yourself to see if you're actually going to work on it TODAY.

But, it's no longer a discussion. I am writing. Why? Because in order to be a writer, I must actually write. You wouldn't believe how long that took me to understand. {Sad. Very, very sad. But true.}

Until tomorrow, xo.

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