London Style

I've heard many things about the weather in London - mostly that it's crap. And as much as I love London, that makes me a bit nervous.
I grew up with the beach being ten minutes away and on occasion it's been 90 degrees in...May. So, you know, wet and cold will be quite an adjustment.

The rain will suck, and I'm sure I will have to find a hair dresser the moment I get there. {When the natural state of your hair is an afro and you chemically straighten it, finding someone you trust to do your hair is imperative.} Besides the hair issue, I just hate being cold. Right now, I'm sitting at my desk, freezing and the thermostat is on...75. {le sigh}

I've been scoring my Pinterest account for inspiration on looking stylish is freezing temperatures. 

{Photo via:pinterest} 

Looks lovely, no? And, perhaps more importantly, she looks warm. With my budget being tight, I have to first shop my closet.
That big chunky scarf? Have it in navy. 
White shirt? Check.
Black pants? Of course.
The jacket and sweater? Hmm, may need to add something similiar to my list.

{Just a note. You would think I would consumed with other important details of moving such as packing, my visa, financial aid, culture shock et al, but no. Not today at least. Strictly style business this Thursday and, I'm ok with that.}

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