A bookish weekend

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Happy Monday friends - How was your weekend?

Despite a nasty case of laryngitis, which I should have stayed home more and rested, my weekend was good. Had a few pints with a few friends on Friday and Saturday and one of my friends used the word, refined to describe me. {swoon} It made my night.

I stumbled across a fantastic second hand book shop in Wimbledon Saturday evening.

It was stacked with books from floor to ceiling to every cubbyhole and nook and cranny. The place was overflowing with texts and my heart fluttered a bit.  I could have stayed in there for ages, but my friend and I were meeting up with some friends at a pub around the corner. So, we stayed for a bit, I purchased a few Penguin paperbacks and then headed over to the pub and proudly walked in with books in my hand. No-shame.

I'm telling you. I could have lived in that bookshop.

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