Have a sweet weekend...

Happy Friday dear friends!

How was your week? Mine has had many ups, a few downs and some magical moments. The first week of my internship is over-whew that flew by. Overall I feel like the week went well. Sure I made a few mistakes, opened the wrong mail and called the wrong person the wrong name twice. (ugh!) But, I also was given a project of my own, asked to sit in on an author meeting, told that I was doing better than most, and had some laughs over a few pints with some colleagues.  And then on the way home is started snowing. It was cold but snowflakes falling on my eyelashes put a sweet smile on my face.

This weekend my plans include sleeping in and making valentines for friends. I feel like lounging around in pj's and cutting out hearts in paper lace doilies. I love Valentine's Day whether I'm single or attached. And this year, my valentine is London.

Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. That sounds like a great start to your internship, really. If you have time, tell us more about these author meetings, please! That sounds like it must be really cool.
    As you can tell, I miss London a lot...and may be living slightly vicariously through you...



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