One Lump or Two?

So, in preparation for my impending move, I've taken to a few new traditions.

On good days, when my co-worker and I are not surrounded by papers and projects, we meet in the kitchen at 4 o'clock sharp for afternoon tea. We aren't in a fancy hotel or tea house {it's actually more like a tidy jail cell. My office walls are gray and not the new warm and inviting gray, more like a shade or two lighter than a cinder block, gray.} Nevertheless, we enjoy our tea in the tiny kitchenette and catch up on the latest office 'news'.   I prefer the classic English Breakfast tea, with one splenda, but am open to trying new kinds.

 {photo via:silhouettedreams}

A co-worker recently shared a bag of Republic of Tea's, Sip for the Cure Pink Rose and Green Tea and oh my goodness....it was a simple taste of heaven in a tea cup. The scent was enchanting and the taste was just as gentle and delicate as a freshly bloomed rose. As soon as I finished my cup I went searching for this perfection of a tea, only to find that it was a limited edition from 2007. {Sad face!} 

If any of you know of another pink rose tea, feel free to send me suggestions.  Enjoy your tea my dears! Bisou, Bisou!

London Lisa

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