To my lovely Oscar ladies...

Dear Ms. Berry,

You can do no wrong. You looked absolutely impeccable on that red carpet and quite honestly you put me to shame {seeing as how I was lounging on the couch in sweatpants and eating guacamole.} But alas, your dress caught my eye so much that I would wear down the aisle one day. You are simply stunning. 

To Ms. Williams, 

While some were not a fan of your look this year, I loved it and not just because we have the same haircut right now {well maybe that had a little to do with it....} but I thought you were understated and elegant. Bravo darling - You looked like pure elegance. 

And finally to Anne and James, 

Anne, I love how excited you were to be hosting. You are adorable and your whoops and hollers were endearing. Your costume changes were seamless and stunning and James, I thought you did OK. Sorry you didn't win but quite honestly I love Colin Firth so much more. {so sorry dear} And I was most excited about his win. He will always and forever be, to me, Mr. Darcy. 

And of course, I must acknowledge Natalie Portman on her Best Actress Award. You are lovely

What a wonderful night, watching all of Hollywood come together. There is nothing else like it. Cheers!

London Lisa

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  1. Puh-lease. We all know it was most definitely about the hairstyle! But it is one amazing hairstyle that looks hott on both you and Michelle Williams! Halle and Michelle were my faves on the red carpet too! Beauty and glamour perfected! However, I think your estimation of Franco was too kind.


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