eeek...30 for 30 starts today

I wish I could say that I'm totally prepared for this 30 for 30 challenge...but I'm definitely not. Get ready for a few pics here and there to showcase what I'm wearing. And I'm not gonna lie. I'll probably only post the cuter outfits. Nothings worse than awkward self portraits of bad outfits.

{photo via: we heart it}

So, are you doing the 30 for 30 challenge...Are you ready?


  1. I've heard about this! Good luck- can't wait to see your outfits! xoxo

  2. Um, I really just want all of those shoes.

  3. LOL. I am sure you will do a great job. This is such a great challenge, and possibly a life changing one. best of luck. Stay spirited.


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