Have a rockin Mon+day

I'm ready for a good day! Who's with me?!

My Aunt's memorial was this pass weekend. Oh friends it was tough. I was able to participate in the service by reading four pieces that had been written for her. It was tough, but I was praying the entire time asking God to strengthen me and not lose it while up there. It was such a joy to hear people laughing during some of the lighthearted parts where we described her vibrant personality. And it hit me, and I was filled with joy at  how alike we really are. And I was also moved to tears to read the poem that her students had written in her honor. The time I was able to spend with my family was lovely and so many pictures were taken to reserve the sweet moments.

And today friends, after the emotional weekend, I am just ready to freakin' rock this day's face off! Perhaps cocktails with friends after work, a little mani-pedi, and definitely some Starbucks in the very near future. Oh yes, I'm ready for an awesome day! 

{photo via:monk3y.tumblr.com}
London Lisa


  1. That's the spirit! I'm sorry to hear about your aunt, but God is good - he gives us the strength to celebrate the lives he has blessed us with even as we mourn the passing of those we love. Have a fabulous Monday!!!! :)

  2. What a privilege to be able to read pieces that were written for your aunt and to know that that the two of you are alot alike. A part of her lives on in you in a way. I feel so honored that you came and shared in my celebration after that, although I'm sure you were emotionally spent. You mean alot to me. I hope you know that. :)


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