Simple Joys + Letter Writing

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When I was in England last Thanksgiving, I ventured to Bath, by train specifically to visit the Jane Austen Center. I was captivated by the history as soon as I walked up the creaky stairs and into the room which housed the exhibition of all things Austen. Although the Center was quite small, I could have spent hours upon hours reading every snippet of life in Bath for Jane and her family.

On my way out, I stopped by the gift shop to browse around and find at least one small treasure. I came across an initial seal and wax set and imagined myself writing lengthy letters and sipping tea on leisurely Saturday afternoons.

That didn't exactly happen, but I did use my sealer from time to time. Every time I used it to seal a hand written note, my friends would notice and rave over how special and classic it was. It was that added touch that really made something as a simple letter seem like a true gift. 

I have plans of sending letters to my mother from England and quite honestly I want to start practicing the, 'Art of Letter Writing' now. Want to join? Send me an email at londonlisablog {at} gmail.com with your address {P.O. Boxes are fine} and first name with a topic you would like to discuss, no later than Monday, May 23rd. I will put you on my list and respond to you via post.

I can't wait to stock up on my stationary and elegant pens and writing letters to each of you.

"I have now attained the true art of letter-writing, which we are always told, is to express on paper exactly what one would say to the same person by word of mouth." - Jane Austen, from a letter to her sister Cassandra
Published 05/12/2011 By Lisa M. Vanterpool


  1. I have lots of seals as well. Make sure you have the proper postal wax {rather than the stuff for crafting} or it goes very brittle and falls off in the delivery {very sad and disappointing!!} I only knew this happened when I sent something to my sister and she knew it should have had a seal on!
    Will email you my address. I love getting letters. x

  2. I LOVE writing letters Lisa! My best friend and I stay in touch via post. :)


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