Well rested

{photovia:Molly Brynn}
Hello dear friends.

Can I just tell you, how much I needed to unplug, last week and over the long weekend that we just had here in the States? I was totally overwhelmed. I wanted so badly to sit down and write great posts for you all, but every time I did, instead of feeling excited and happy, I had this overwhelming since of dread.  I was working so much and trying to maintain a social life and I was successfully burning the candle at both ends.

But this weekend? Oh, this weekend was perfection. I was off for three full days and was at the beach every single one of them. The sun felt so good against my tired skin and the water, though cold, was completely refreshing. I felt weightless as I dove under waves and felt the tide gently toss me.  I was a fish.

I was a tourist in my own hometown too. My friend and I rode bikes up and down the boardwalk all day and at night we would get dressed up and ride again, stopping to have a drink, hear a band, have a dance, and enjoy each and every moment.

And, now I'm back. Refocused, rested and re-energized. Oh, how sweet it is.


  1. Oh, sounds like a perfect long weekend! Glad you got to enjoy your time off.

  2. Sounds wonderful!! I'd love to spend a long weekend in a beach town just for that. :)


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