Enjoy your...

Enjoy it friends. It only happens once a week.

Tonight  I'm going on a ghost tour at Hampton Court Palace. Not sure how I got into this one as I get freaked out very easily, but I'm sure it will be a good time... (gulp, I hope!)

Loads of reading to do this weekend, French to practice, articles to write and wine to be consumed.

Coming next week:
Travelouge of my holiday to Spain {!}
Review of my work placement at a literary agency {!}
and much more...

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. Excellent! I didn't know Hampton Court did ghost tours - let me guess, it's all about Henry's poor wives?

  2. Exactly!! And it was in fact pretty creepy!

  3. Ooh, a literary agency! That is awesome and so exciting! [As is traveling to Spain, a ghost tour, and London in general - but as a writing nerd, lit agency sounds by far most captivating!]

    Btw, can you email me your address so that I can write you a letter? {I'm doing a write-24-letters-in-February challenge, and you came to mind as someone who will appreciate the lost art, and I'd love to write you!}

  4. I need to hear more about this!


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