Sevilla {Part One}

I decided that I wanted a life of adventure. I moved to London last year, made many new friends, visited places I've never been and learned a little bit more about myself each day.
I thought I would do a little more exploring, branch out a bit more. And one night while I was wide awake at 3 a.m., I found a ridiculously cheap flight to Sevilla, Spain and a few weeks later I was on the plan for my first solo adventure.

As I landed in Spain, walked around, got lost, spoke Spanish, and ate delicious food I relaxed into myself my surroundings and explored....

19 January 2012

I am in Sevilla, Spain drinking delicious sangria at Bar Patanchon and waiting for my calamari to arrive. I'm probably drinking my Sangria too fast but I can't help it. It's amazing. I was pretty nervous all night before I left London. I kept asking myself, 'What are you doing?'

But you know this is what I want to do as nervous as it makes me, as freaked out as I get this is exactly what I'm supposed to be doing right now. And so far I've been alright. I've navigated my way to the bus stop to take me to the city center, I've stopped and asked people for directions {all in Spanish nonetheless} and I've wandered around El Barrio Santa Cruz, checked into my hostel, and made my way to this cafe where I've just been served the best calamari of my life. No really, it's amazing. Perfectly seasoned with a bit of fresh lemon juice. perfecto.

It's worth mentioning that it only took me 2 hours to get to Spain from London. There's something to this living in Europe thing. And on my flight, there were so many people who were going on holiday. Backpackers young and old. The older couples surprised me a bit but then again I guess a sense of adventure never really fades in some of us.

The city of Sevilla is beautiful. There are orange trees everywhere and I'm determined to taste an orange. I just have to figure out how to get one. Maybe I'll have to stand on my tippy toes...

Cathedral Seville
I always enjoy sitting in a pew in a cathedral and reflecting. This one in particular isn't my favorite to be honest but it is the largest gothic Cathedral in the world. It feels drafty in here and somehow a bit vacant. But, as I sit here with my moleskin in my hand I can't help but reflect on how spiritual life is beautiful and should be celebrated. I climbed to the top of the Tower Giralda and the views of the city were beautiful. From the top of  I got a sense of the Spanish lifestyle. The streets looked quiet, church bells rang in the distance and rooftop pools glistened in the sun.  I felt relaxed and warm.

Wandering around...
This lady came up to me and read my palm. I understood most of what she was saying despite the fact that she spoke very quickly in Spanish. She kept pausing to ask me if I understood what she was saying and I kept nodding my head emphatically each time. She said that I had a very long life and that I wouldn't have any troubles in Spain while on holiday. She moved to my love line and said that I had big heart {corazón} and that I longed for love in my life. I don't know what came over me but at that moment tears pricked my eyes. I wondered if to her I seemed lonely.

And to be honest, I felt lonesome and I think she saw it in my eyes. She patted my hands gently, told me not to worry that it would come and then blessed me, giving me a piece of plant and instructing me to burn it in three days for good luck. I don't believe in luck, but I kept the leaves and pressed them in between the pages of my moleskin somehow thinking, hoping even, that they would bring me love...


  1. You are my traveling hero! I've yet to wander around NYC solo much...I blame the cold weather, and the fact that I have to drive a car to work, so extra money for subway tolls just seems like an annoying expense. But really: I need to make the most of my time here.
    I love the photos you've taken! And I'm wholeheartedly with you on the love thing. I want it too!! May we both find it in our lives soon!

  2. I think it shows so much security, wonder, and curiosity to travel alone, and I love that you wanted an adventure and just went for it! What an inspiration!

  3. hi lisa
    just found your tweet on twitter today.
    only 2 months late. :-)
    thank you for it. i'm glad you like my work.


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