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Interesting how an impending move to England has engaged my desires to re-learn French. On a recent trip to Barnes and Noble I came across three things that I just had to have and that will hopefully have me speaking some French sooner rather than later. And all of which were Bargain Price..{yay!}

-Rush Hour French {$6.95} These cd's have been surprisingly fun. Most mornings on my way to work, you can find me singing along and speaking basic French possible. I enjoy..."les couleurs de ma vie."

-Petite Anglaise {$4.95} which I haven't started reading but its about a blogger {ahem} who is from London {well almost} who moves to France, and creates this life online that starts to impede into her real life...anyway, it looks like a great read.

-My Life in France {$4.95} Julia Child's memoir has been such an amazing read. I truly feel as if I'm taking a peak into her life living in Paris and Marseillaise. I cannot wait to visit places where she has been and try a hand at a few of her recipes.

Very much looking forward to reading more books and hopefully improving my French. Until next time.. Au Revoir!
London Lisa

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  1. I find memoirs and biographies to be intensely interesting! You've piqued my curiousity about Julia Child now! So my niece text me today and said let's learn Italian! Made me laugh. We'll see but I wish you luck in your French studies.


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