Not setting your alarm is not so good...

Can I just tell you all how hard it was to get out of bed this morning? I stayed up late watching Liar Liar {total throw back, but Jim Carey is seriously hilarious,} and instead of setting my alarm like I normally do, I just fell asleep convincing myself that I would just 'know' when it was time to wake up. Really, Lisa? So, my night went something like this...

"Four a.m. Ok, I have about 3 hours left." 
"Five a.m. Ok, two more hours."
"Seven a.m. Oh man, it's over already? Ok, I'll just lay here a few more minutes."
"7:30 a.m.! OMG, I have to leave in thirty minutes!"

I do not recommend this 'strategy' to anyone because let's be honest, it's ridiculous.

{Photo via:apartmenttherapy}
London Lisa

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