Warm, sunny and lovely

The high today in Virginia is 80 degrees, {Eighty!}  While I am inside for most of the day, I will not be deterred from enjoying this beautiful day. For lunch, I'm heading outside and grabbing a Venti passion tea from Starbucks and soaking in all of the Vitamin D I can while catching up on my latest read

After I happily skip out of the office at 5:30 p.m, I plan on picking up a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers for my bedroom, and then head home, to throw on a maxi dress and walk the one block from my house to the beach and enjoy the sand between my toes as  I write, read and enjoy the extended day light. I'm looking forward to a most sunny and beautiful day. I hope the weather is nice where you are friends!

{photos via: pinterest and That Kind of Woman}
London Lisa


  1. ahh passion tea just screams warm weather too me. i must get one tomorrow :)


  2. I hope you really did all these things! Sounds like a perfect evening.


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