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To Matt and Sade.

We've traipsed around England and Paris together; sitting in coffee shops retelling stories and laughing until tears streamed from our eyes. I'm sure people have looked at us with peculiar eyes and wandered how we 'fit.' We are different, no doubt, but it's within the walls of these differences that bind our friendship.
We've sat in churches together, stricken with grief and cried; deep, heart wrenching tears of loss but somehow each of us was comforted by the others presence.

When I am around you two, the titles and demands of every day wither away within the first few words of our conversation. I am simply Lisa and time becomes elastic - stretching and reshaping into whatever our wanderlusting hearts desire.

When I am with the two of you, I am content.
London Lisa

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  1. Beautifully worded tribute. Everyone should be so lucky to have friends like these.


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