How the Royal Wedding Improved my Posture

Somehow today, I find myself sitting up a little straighter, walking a little more gracefully and easing into the general elusive and intriguing manner that comes with being a lady. And, the reasoning is rather simple.

The pomp and circumstance of this morning’s Royal Wedding is to be honored, whether British or not. Highlighting the sacred tradition of the bringing together of a male and female, the two most unique creatures on Earth, and witnessing revered vows is a benevolent ritual that renews hope, encourages optimism and causes self-reflection.  It is to be cherished and honored whether a couple is royal or otherwise.

And as a single woman of twenty-six, I can most certainly maintain my hopes of a joyful marriage to the One who orchestrates each sunset, sunrise and moment of time in the Universe. 

Why yes, dear friends I am standing taller today in honor of weddings and more importantly marriages all around the world. 

 {photo via: here}
London Lisa


  1. lovely post. Relinquished hope at 26??? That's a very sad thing to read. I hope you don;t truly mean it!!! x

  2. Thanks! I meant relying on God to bring me, "the one." xoxo

  3. Love it! Catherine was so regal and dignified, and I love the veil! I didn't think I would get chills watching the ceremony, but indeed I did!


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