Applying for a Visa: Part 1

So, where was I?
Right. London.
I have about 2 months left and then I'll be off.  From traveling around Europe over Thanksgiving holiday, to getting my acceptance letter a few days after Christmas, to applying for my flat and financial aid, time has accelerated quite a bit. I'm actually convinced I've been in some kind of time travel machine that makes a week seem like six months.

The biggest 'obstacle' left is applying for my actual Visa. I've heard enough horror stories about people missing flights due to not getting their Visa on time, or getting their Visa THE DAY their flight leaves, that I'm proficiently nervous about the whole bit.

So, I will be traveling to New York in August to get it all taken care of, in person. I will literally have to bring every important document that has ever belonged to me in a secure fireproof box, lock and key included, to prove to United States that I am a natural born citizen and in-turn  prove to UK that I will return to my home country. 

And if I'm missing one piece of information? Well, then rejection will be starring me in the face and I'll be forced to trek the eight hours back home, find my report card from the second grade that they just have to have, travel the eight hours back to New York and re-apply. {Well six hours if I decide to take the Chinatown bus, but their driving skills are scary.}

{Deep Breath} 'It's part of the process,' I keep telling myself. It's a bit uncomfortable for me, makes me nervous and a little sweaty. But believe me, when I walk out of that office with my Visa in hand this, all of this will be real.

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