There weren't balloons, but...

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So it happened today. I gave my official letter of resignation to my office. {Deep Breath}

Not quite sure what I was expecting would happen. Balloons? Flowers?  Someone would crack open a bottle of bubbly and then everyone would crowd around me and lift me on their shoulders singing, "For he's a jolly good fellow!" {But you know, the feminine version}

Didn't happen. My boss actually has known for a while that I was accepted into graduate school and really she was waiting for the official 'Go' from me to announce it. I was hesitant in letting everyone know. What if plans fell through, my financial aid never came in or my Visa was rejected? But after much contemplating, and mini panic attacks, I said, "Go for it," and an email was sent out to the office.

Some people sent messages right away congratuatling me. One in particular said,
"You didn't have to go all the way to London to find a man!"
and another,
"Congratulations to a future filled with hot guys with accents!" 
Are you noticing a theme? Forget my academic endeavors, this is apparently all about the men.

Overall the office was quiet and I sat at my desk sipping my coffee, conjuring up details of my life in London.

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  1. Yay! How exciting to finally give notice, I bet!

    And how annoying that there was such an emphasis on the man aspect. I'm more excited for you that your entire life will never be the same in any way...but the British men won't hurt! ;)


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