Wanted: Lo & Sons + O.G. Bag

This bag will change my life. On a busy day, I normally leave my house with my purse, a laptop bag, my lunch bag and my Starbucks travel mug. Any outfit that I have on suddenly doesn't look so cute when it's weighed down by three large bags and me wobbling on my heels trying to get out of the door as quickly as possible. But, this bag will change everything.  It's the O.G. Bag from San Francisco family based company Lo & Sons.

Durable yet light weight, this bag has a separate pocket for a laptop, and under carry section for a pair of shoes, perfect for commuters, and two easy access zippered front pockets to carry all your essentials.
I am totally coveting this bag.

Oh. Yes. I can see myself in London jetting off to class, stopping by the library to get some work done and then hitting up the gym all with this beautiful bag in hand. Talk about the perfect carry-all. To see a super cute video of the bags functionality, click here.
{All images via: Lo & Sons}

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