Writing + Healing

Hello dear friends.
I find myself still feeling a bit under the weather. But no worries, I am much better than I was over the weekend. I've missed quite a bit of work but my boss has been completely understanding even urging me to take today off as well. I'm pretty sure that by tomorrow I will be back to usual tricks.

In the meantime I've found myself reading, writing and watching classic movies. The writing and reading in particular has really drawn me in as I've been working on a specific project off and on for a year or so.

{How rad is this vintage typewriter? Image found here}

This morning, I grabbed a cup of coffee and sat outside to write. I found myself laughing as I spent time getting to know my characters and the unique way in which they interact with one another. After about two hours I gave myself a break but the story continues to develop and unfold in mind and I'm eager to put my thoughts on paper.

Perhaps having this time off, was just what I needed in order to re-engage with myself, my likes, dislikes, my habits, my hobbies and my writing. I feel pumped about going back to work and re-eneregized about graduate school in London. (Which by the way is only about THREE MONTHS away!)  Much to do dear friends. Much to do.

Wish me luck as tomorrow is my first full day back to work.

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