Get well + Weekend

Oh dear friends. I find myself quite sick today. After going to the doctor yesterday I was diagnosed with a bad case of bronchitis. I was quite disappointed that I wouldn't be able to travel to a Maryland cabin for a much needed girls weekend, but I refuse to sit around the house and sulk all weekend.

Planned for this weekend, are copious amounts of tea and books,

A trip to Paris via Funny Face,

Fresh flowers to brighten my bedside table, 

Precious time with my mom and lots of rest. I hope you all have a splendid weekend.
{images via: pinterest}


  1. I hate that - sucks being ill. Hope you have a few hot toddies and will be up and at 'em in no time.

  2. Ugh-hope you feel better!!
    PS-I *love* Funny Face!!! Fred Astaire & Audrey Hepburn are so fun together.

  3. Feeling any better? Your weekend still sounded fun even if you were sick for it. Hope all is well!


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