Paris...Je t'aime

{photo via:That Kind of Woman}

I am yearning for all things French, right now. Between reading Julia Child's My Life in France, listening to my Berltiz French on the Go CD's and listening to Edith Piaf and now Les Chauds Lapins, {Thanks to Matchbook Mag, for the intro to new music!} I'm craving an escape to Paris. 

{le sigh} Hopefully while in London I'll be able to travel to Paris at least twice to wander the streets of the classiest city I know. {Minus the dog poo of course.} All, I need is a striped shirt, some over-sized sunnies, a fresh baguette avec une bonne bouteille vin. Parfait, no?!
London Lisa

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  1. so they don't have to carry poop bags with them in paris like they do here?


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