Early Morning Peace...

I awoke early - 5 a.m.  The alarm buzzed across the room and I willed myself out of bed. Up, I turned on the shower eager to have the warm water wash over me and give me the gentle nudge that I needed into alertness.

I got dressed and ready for work in record time, and then lagged around not really knowing what to do next. This was a far cry from typical mornings when I rush through a ragged routine to get to work on time.

As I made my lunch in the darkness I stopped for a moment noticing just how quite the world seemed and I walked outside into the cool air. I collected my things and navigated my car through streets, my headlights creating pathways of light. I was quiet and calm.

As I pulled into the lot, tears gently filled my eyes. I wasn't alone - the parking lot was filled and we were all here for one reason.

Worship and Prayer.

Raising quietly while much of the world is still asleep to revel in the quite and gentle spirit and presence of God is unlike anything and this morning I am peaceful.

London Lisa

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