From the heart...

So, I had an epiphany of sorts last night in the shower. I was singing at the top of my lungs and literally jumping around with water and soap splashing everywhere {Which I do not recommend} to The City Harmonic Manifesto. {If you have never heard of this song, please check it out immediately!}

This song is exhilarating and I just realized how awesome it is being a Christian. I mean sure, there are days when the last thing I feel is 'holy', there are things that I wish I didn't have conviction about, but I do. But, the Faith, encouragement and strength that comes with my salvation far out weighs anything that I have decided to 'give up.'

It's empowering.
I realize that everyone who reads this blog may not be a Christian and please don't feel for one minute that I am forcing my Faith onto you at all. It's just that today, when I was feeling a little bummed about a few things, I just prayed. And not that everything turned up roses and suddenly there were bunnies and rainbows everywhere, but I just felt so encouraged. I realized that I am LOVED so deeply and now I can't hold in the joy and excitement that I am feeling today. So, here's to feeling awesome and loved today by the One who loves us the most.
London Lisa


  1. Beautiful post indeed Lisa. Thanks for sharing your heart.

    I love the honesty in this line: "There are things that I wish I didn't have conviction about, but I do." At times being a Christian can feel a bit awkward and uncomfortable. But because of the way He loves me.... We ARE well-loved my friend.


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