lovely packaging

Ok - after downing a Grande Cafe Misto from Starbucks this afternoon, I'm feeling much more alert and inspired. {yay!} And it's a good thing too. Had I stayed in my sleepy fog, I would have missed this lovely packaging on Hello, Friend.

{photo via: Hello, Friend}

Seriously swooning. And here are a few of the essentials that she uses while putting these lovely packages together.

{photo via:Hello, Friend
I headed over to her etsy shop and there were several little gems that had my name all over them, and all for reasonable pricing! {$7-$30} 
{By the way, you will never find me on this blog recommending things that are outrageously expensive. I just don't have that kind of money, I'm about to be a poor graduate student for goodness sakes!}

I can't wait to pick up a thing or two from her Etsy shop. Their just too good to pass up.  
London Lisa


  1. nice shop..thanks for sharing!!!! love those packages...xoxo baby!!!

  2. i absolutely love her shop & danni did a great job packaging her goodies!

  3. These designs are very lovely ans cute.I really like all the packaging stuff.Hello Friend branding looks well with the design of the bags.They all are in a reasonable price.I am surely going to one or two stuff for myself.Thanks for sharing with us.
    packaging machine


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