Reasons to move to London {Post 004}

 {photo via:Flickr}

"There is no finer county in England than Derbyshire." - Jane Austen

Derbyshire - can it get any more beautiful and lush then this?  I must admit that while I do consider myself more of a 'city girl', I would love to go out to the country, hole myself up in a tiny cottage and get some serious R&R by reading book after book and drinking tea by a warm and cozy fire. I am truly looking forward to exploring not only London but all of the UK; especially it's breathtaking countryside. Cheers!
London Lisa


  1. Hi Lisa! Thanks for your comment and stopping over at my new little blog.... I will for sure be able to give you some tips on London! In what area of London will you be attending grad school? I also just became a vegetarian so hopefully I'll be posting a lot more vegetarian recipes. Great blog, now a follower :)

    -Nicole @ sentfromlondon.blogspot.com

  2. want to move there too...so british and beautiful!!!!


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